Sanskruti Naturals

Firm Tofu

Fitbean delivers a natural and nutritious diet with a typical soymilk flavour composed of natural elements such as coagulant and ‘Himalayan Soybeans.

Jeera Tofu

With the goodness of cumin Fitbean introduced a savoury flavour  which not only tastes delicious but also healthier. Cumin itself known traditional medicinal treatment for many dysfunctions. Cumin fulfill scarcity of Vitamin A, C, K and B6. Adding cumin to Tofu makes it a healthy combo and gives plenty of benefits to your body.

Tofu Garikko

Made up of garlic powder and perfect hand pounded chillies Fitbean presents you a chilli-garlic flavor. Tofu Garikko gives you authentically garlicky and spicy taste which are rich and well balanced meal.

Tofu Oregano

Loaded with antioxidant inflammotary quality Fitbean introduced a luscious flavor with abundant health benefits.  With a taste of perfect oregano seasonings and garlic

Veggie Tofu

People are more fond of eating cooked vegetables as raw vegetables are tasteless in consuming which lessens the vitamins and minerals present in it. Here Fitbean brings a tofu with the addition of raw vegetables that retains all the essential vitamins and minerals in it that fights against many improper functions in your body. Fitbean’s Veggie Tofu includes carrot, cilantro, ginger, green chillies fulfill your bodies essentials.