Sanskruti Naturals

Est. 2018

Chef Nitin Chaudhary

The MasterChef ?

We extend our hands in gratitude to Chef Nitin Chaudhary, one of the top 10 contestants in the famous reality show The MasterChef. Besides, being a chef, he is also a renowned food blogger from Dehradun.

Fitbean is pleased to announce its association and alliance with Mr. Nitin Chaudhary. Speaking of which, all the recipes herein are provided by the mighty man himself. Team Fitbean is happy to have you on board, Sir.

Direction TO USE ?


  1. 1. The Fitbean Tofu has a life span of 30 days i.e., it remains fresh for 30 days, if stored in the fridge under 5-6°C.
  2. Do not refrigate lower than 5° C as the tofu may change its form on turning cold.
  3. Best to use within 2 days of opening the package seal to avoid staleness.
  4. As our Tofu comes in a proper vacuum package, do not make a purchase if the packet is loose or the seal is broken and tampered.
  5. To specify, the Fitbean Firm Tofu variant can be placed in lukewarm water for roughly around 5 to 10 minutes before use. This will make the Firm Tofu more soft and lip-smacking when mixed with the veggies or consumed directly even for that matter. All in all, it will give a refined taste and be a delight to your taste buds.
  6. For the other variants, gently wash the tofu with normal water before consuming keeping in mind that the essential nutrients aren’t lost in the process.
  7. Lastly, as we promote good health, being the primary concern for all. We do not encourage deep frying Fitbean Tofu as Kebabs or Tikkas as it would be like demeaning the sole purpose of its consumption.