Sanskruti Naturals

Est. 2018

Fitbean is a family run by the younger lot, dealing in the manufacture and production of Soybean Tofu in its purest form

Sanskruti Naturals today has earned recognition in the market for becoming one of the best TOFU manufacturing companies in North India . Started from very small beginning it has grown rapidly today and has slowly created a niche market for itself and now not only sells in Uttarakhand but also in the nearby states like Haryana , Uttar PradeshUttar, Pradesh, Panjab and New Delhi.

Sanskruti Naturals sources Soybeans from the Himalayan Region which helps in encouraging farmers to grow organic and today they have 4000+ farmers working hand to hand with them and growing organic Soyabeans and prospering.



Ankuj Saini and Anjali Rawat are behind the success story of Sanskruti Naturals. The 2 founders launched a brand ‘FITBEAN’ with passion and dream. The founders have been working in this field for the last 7 plus years of experience in TOFU manufacturing and organic agriculture.

Sanskruti Naturals today has been supporting farmers across Uttarakhand by sourcing products from them and which not only helps in generating income for the workers but also supports employment.. Sanskruti Naturals proliferates excellent health on a recurring basis.

Our Mission


Our idea is to produce chemical-free items and spread joy by sharing the earth’s natural bowl. We are happy to assist our farmers and the environment by insisting on growing high-quality products/ingredients in a conventional, dependable, and ecofriendly manner.

Sanskruti Naturals is an excellent addition to a balanced diet and contributes to the growth of the economy.
Working with a more than 4000+ farmers

Our crew and farmers have joined forces to supply you with safe and nutritious food. Sanskruti Naturals is committed to bringing health and wellbeing in your real experiences.