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Sanskruti Naturals

A Small Story

“Let us praise the farmers who keep giving us food.” Let us respect and support the merchants who guarantee that food is managed to carry and distributed to us. Let those who prepare and serve our meals be worshipped.”

A diet rich in plant-based foods tends to promote general health and wellness, as well as a decreased risk of cognitive decline including obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. It can improve the overall quality of skin and hair, increase vitality, and aid in the maintenance of a healthy weight. Soybeans are a high-nutrition food that is difficult to digest. Nonetheless, when made into tofu, they become much easily digestible.


Fitbean anticipated the alarming threat to the global environment. As a contribution to restore the resources and promote sustainable use, Fitbean produces organic and ecologically friendly consumables.

Commit to be Fit

Fitbean pledges to keep everyone in shape by providing a nutritious diet.

For People of All Age

Fitbean produces consumables for people of all ages that are not only flavourful but also nutritious.

Featured products

Fresh from our farm

Tofu Garikko

Made up of garlic powder and perfect hand pounded chillies Fitbean presents you a chilli-garlic flavor. Tofu Garikko gives you authentically garlicky and spicy taste which are rich and well balanced meal.

Tofu Oregano

Loaded with antioxidant inflammotary quality Fitbean introduced a luscious flavor with abundant health benefits.  With a taste of perfect oregano seasonings and garlic

Veggie Tofu

People are more fond of eating cooked vegetables as raw vegetables are tasteless in consuming which lessens the vitamins and minerals present in it. Here Fitbean brings a tofu with the addition of raw vegetables that retains all the essential vitamins and minerals in it that fights against many improper functions in your body. Fitbean’s Veggie Tofu includes carrot, cilantro, ginger, green chillies fulfill your bodies essentials.


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Why choose us

Features of Fitbean

Premium Quality

Fitbean guarantees superior quality at affordable costs.

Exceptionally nutritious

Fitbean tofu having low cholesterol/fat content gives innumerable health benefits by preventing severe health complications like heart diseases, and others.

Prepared safely

Production personnel wear clean aprons, caps, masks, and gloves to ensure clean and hygienic tofu.

Always Fresh

Fitbean promises to send fresh tofu on a regular basis, with the goal of spreading good health.

100% Natural

To make tofu, the Fitbean team uses organically cultivated himalayan soybeans and a natural coagulant.

Best Quality

Fitbean guarantees you good quality with its enticing new variants that you will never get weary of including in your diet.


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