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Made up of garlic powder and perfect hand pounded chillies Fitbean presents you a chilli-garlic flavor. Tofu Garikko gives you authentically garlicky and spicy taste which are rich and well balanced meal.

Garlic plays an important role in the human body, from balancing blood pressure to reducing blood clotting. Garlic powder and hand-pounded chillies are used to make this sauce. Fitbean introduces ‘Tofu Garikko.’ Tofu Garikko provides an authentically garlicky and spicy taste that is rich and well balanced. 

Red Chilly flakes are far more than a pizza topping. A dash of red chilli flakes can spice up up a dish in seconds, adding a little bit of that spicy kick to anything from pastas to salads. Aside Garlic belongs to the same family as leeks, onions, and chives. It’s cultivated all over the world. Garlic is a flavorful gourmet ingredient that is popularly used. It’s been used because of its distinct flavour. When both ingredients are combined with tofu, the result is a delicious variation recognised as ‘Tofu Garikko.’

Garlic powder helps to prevent plaque development in the arteries, whereas the potassium in chillies helps to relax your blood vessels, making blood flow more simpler on your body. Tofu Garikko reduces the rate of diabetes and improves cognitive disorders. It also helps with mental wellness. The presence of red chilies in Tofu Garikko encourages the development of red blood cells.


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